Foraging Wild Greens: Wild Radish

Photo of Wild Radish leaves

Wild Radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) is a weedy plant of European origin who thrives in disturbed soil. Here in southern Maine, I most often find Wild Radish at the beach, growing above the high-tide line alongside American Sea-rocket, Saltwort, Beach Rose, and Beach Vetchling. Flowering plants stand about 2 feet tall and are topped with yellow, 4-parted flowers. On sunny days, Cabbage White butterflies frequently visit the blossoms. Continue reading

Stalking the White Porcupine

Photo of Porcupine feeding sign

I was walking a local nature trail and momentarily lost in thought, when I almost stepped on a strikingly white Porcupine. A twiggy branch was blocking the narrow trail and partially obscuring the quiet mammal, as she (or he) munched away on the green leaves, leaving behind just a fringe of blade on each leaf stalk. (The next photo shows some uneaten leaves. With these photo clues, can you guess the tree species?) Continue reading

Quiz #114: Mammal

Identify the following tree climbing mammal. (Photographed in Kennebunkport, ME on August 1, 2014.)

Photo of Quiz #114: Mammal

Click here for the answer.

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