Foraging Wild Fruit: Nannyberry

Photo of Nannyberry terminal bud

Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago) is a native shrub who offers edible fruit in late summer and early fall. During the white season, the terminal buds of Nannyberry look like a bird’s head with a long bill, similar to the buds of Withe-rod. The two outer scales of the above pictured bud have begun to spread apart, but the bird’s head can still be seen within. Continue reading

Quiz #118: Wild Edibles

Identify the following shrub with edible (though mostly unripe in this photo) fruit. Hint: The shrub displays opposite branching and typically grows near water. (Photographed in Biddeford, ME on August 17, 2014.)

Photo of Quiz #118: Wild Edibles

I’ll reveal the answer on Monday. For now, leave your guess in the comments below.

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Foraging Wild Nuts: Beaked Hazelnut

Photo of Beaked Hazelnut fruit

Having documented the growth cycle of American Hazelnut last year, I decided to track Beaked Hazelnut (Corylus cornuta) this year. The flowers and leaf shape of the two species are similar, but the developing fruits differ noticeably. While I regularly encounter Beaked Hazelnut shrubs, they’re typically shaded densely and produce few if any fruits. Continue reading