16.10 | Nature Notes (Apr 6-12)

Photo of American Coot
American Coot | Sanford, ME | 8 Apr 2016

Here are some nature notes from around York County, Maine:

  • 50 Brant near Halftide Rock, viewable from Vines Landing, Biddeford Pool
  • 2 Swamp Sparrows at marsh along Timber Point Trail, Biddeford
  • Winter Wren, 2 Pine Warblers, and a Deer Tick (FOY) along the Merriland River and Chipping Sparrow (FOY) at Merriland Farm, both locations along Coles Hill Rd., Wells
  • 2 Lesser Scaup (FOS), Osprey (FOY), Northern Harrier, American Coot (FOY), Snowy Owl (see note below), and 120 Tree Swallows at Sanford Lagoons
  • Common Dandelion flowering at a spot in Biddeford
  • 3 Snowy Egrets (FOY) in marsh south of Bridge Rd., Biddeford
  • 5 Piping Plovers and an "Ipswich" Savannah Sparrow at Fortunes Rocks Beach, Biddeford
  • numerous basal rosettes of Garden Yellow-rocket, Garlic-mustard, and Dame's-rocket (Hesperis matronalis) along Saco RiverWalk in Saco; these are all edible members of the Mustard (Brassicaceae) family
  • 3 Gadwall in Mousam River marsh, Kennebunk

Note: Snowy Owls are rare at this inland location. The presence of a back-mounted solar charger led me to suspect that this bird is being tracked by Project SNOWstorm. The latest GPS data (which should be available on Thursday) will likely reveal whether this is Brunswick (who I photographed earlier this year in Wells), Casco, or another owl.

Update (4/22/16): It turns out this was Casco. From Sanford, she flew on to Canada. I wish her a successful summer up north.

What natural happenings have you noticed in the last week? I invite you to share your observations in the comments section of today's post.

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