16.17 | Nature Notes (May 25-31)

Photo of Dot-tailed Whiteface
Dot-tailed Whiteface | Wells, ME | 31 May 2016

I spent some of the last week exploring parts of western Maine with a friend. Here are some nature highlights from my trip:

  • Olive-sided Flycatcher (FOY) along Boy Scout Road (north end), Lower Cupsuptic Township
  •  2 American Bitterns, Alder Flycatcher (FOY), 5 Gray Jays, and 3 Red Crossbills along Kennebago River Rd., Stetsontown Township
  • a brief look at a Moose (Life Mammal!) along Rt. 16 in Adamstown Township
  • 1 of each Olive-sided, Yellow-bellied (FOY), Alder, and Least Flycatchers near Trading Post Restaurant, Dam Rd. (Rt. 16), Magalloway Plantation
  • 2+ Philadelphia Vireos (FOY) and a Bobolink at the Appalachian Trail parking lot in Grafton Notch State Park
  • Eastern Wood-Pewee (FOY) along the The Roost Trail in the White Mountains NF, Batchelders Grant Township
  • numerous Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterflies throughout my travels

Back in York County, the green season has firmly taken hold. Here are some highlights:

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