16.23 | Nature Notes (Jul 6-12)

Photo of Piping Plover
Piping Plover (juvenile) | Biddeford, ME | 11 Jul 2016

Here are some nature notes from around York County, Maine:

Highlights from Tuesday's Puffin & Pelagic Boat Trip with Old Quarry Ocean Adventures out of Stonington, ME:

  • Red-billed Tropicbird (Life Bird!), 8+ Great Cormorants, 2 Common Murre, many Razorbills, Black Guillemots, Atlantic Puffins, Common and Arctic Terns, and more, at and around Seal Island NWR, Knox Co.
  • 2 Northern Gannets, many adult terns carrying fish back to chicks on islands, and dozens of Harbor Seals seen while motoring to/from Seal Island

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