16.03 | Nature Notes (Feb 17-23)

Photo of Little River, Kennebunkport/Biddeford

Here are some nature highlights from around York County, Maine:

  • 32 Cedar Waxwings in Crab Apple trees at York County Community College, Wells
  • male Belted Kingfisher at Mast Cove (Maine St.), Kennebunkport
  • continuing Yellow-rumped Warbler at Wells Harbor Community Park, Harbor Rd., Wells
  • Rough-legged Hawk (light morph) and Snowy Owl (on Wood Island) seen from East Point Sanctuary, Biddeford Pool
Photo of Rough-legged Hawk
Rough-legged Hawk | Biddeford Pool, ME | 19 Feb 2016
  • a distant mustelid (either a North American River Otter or an American Mink) on an ice-covered section of the Saco River in Biddeford/Saco
  • a Striped Skunk taking a pre-dawn walk near my home
  • Carolina Wren singing near the entrance to East Point Sanctuary, Biddeford Pool

2 thoughts on “16.03 | Nature Notes (Feb 17-23)”

  1. I think I just missed you and the RLHA on the 19th, but I did have a North American River Otter in the icy marsh at the end of the Pilger Trail at Laudholm Farm. Off and on over the last three years I have found a small bevy of them at Capisic Pond in Portland. Usually early in the morning, but once was in the late afternoon.

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