16.32 | Nature Notes (Sep 7-13)

Photo of Fin Whale
Fin Whale

Here are some nature notes from around York County, Maine:

Highlights from a pelagic trip organized by the Seacoast Chapter of NH Audubon:

  • Marine mammals included Fin, Minke, and Humpback Whales, Atlantic White-sided Dolphins, and Harbor Porpoises
  • Fish included an Ocean Sunfish and breaching Bluefin Tunas
  • Seabirds included 4 species of Shearwaters (Sooty, Manx, Great, and Cory's), Common and Black Terns, ~50 Red-necked Phalaropes, 1 Parasitic Jaeger, 2 Pomarine Jaegers (Lifer!), hundreds of Gulls (mostly Great Black-backed and Herring), a few Northern Gannets, and 1 Razorbill

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