16.05 | Nature Notes (Mar 2-8)

Photo of Railroad bridge over Saco River

Here are some nature highlights from around York County, Maine:

  • 2 Common Muskrats munching on marsh vegetation along Parsons Way (Ocean Ave.), Kennebunkport
Photo of Common Muskrat
Common Muskrat | Kennebunkport, ME | 4 Mar 2016
  • American Woodcock displaying before sunrise
  • an overnight dusting of snow that revealed Striped Skunk activity near my home
  • Wood Duck pair, a female Green-winged Teal, a continuing male Barrow's Goldeneye, and nest-building Rock Pigeons viewed from Diamond Riverside Park and nearby railroad bridge (see top photo), Saco/Biddeford
Photo of Rock Pigeon
Rock Pigeon | Saco, ME | 6 Mar 2016
  • 2 male Ring-necked Ducks and 1 female Greater Scaup on Etherington Pond, Fortunes Rocks Rd., Biddeford
  • 8+ Ruddy Turnstones and 6 Great Cormorants on Beach Island, off Ocean Ave., Biddeford Pool
  • emerging fluffy flowers of Pussy Willow (Salix discolor)
Photo of Pussy Willow
Pussy Willow (Salix discolor) | Biddeford Pool, ME | 6 Mar 2016
  • 1 Killdeer at Rockin' Horse Stables, Arundel Rd., K'port
  • Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles present in small numbers in many locations as well as 1 male Brown-headed Cowbird on Main St., Wells, and 1 male Rusty Blackbird (FOY) singing near the Mousam River, Rt. 9, Kennebunk