16.07 | Nature Notes (Mar 16-22)

Photo of Piping Plover
Piping Plovers | Kennebunkport, ME | 21 Mar 2016

Here are some nature notes from around York County, Maine...

FOY Mammal observations:

  • Eastern Chipmunk peeking out of a tree cavity in Sanford
  • American Beaver on the Batson River, Kennebunkport

FOY Amphibian observations:

  • American Bullfrogs sunning themselves in Wells
  • Wood Frogs hopping across a road in K'port
  • Wood Frogs and Spring Peepers chorusing after dark in K'port
  • after a warm, rainy night, along a 3/4 mile stretch of roadway near my home, I found the following signs of the year's first mass movement of amphibians to their breeding sites: ~27 dead frogs (most appeared to be Wood Frogs, some egg-bearing females), 1 dead Spotted Salamander, 1 unidentified dead Salamander (probable Blue-spotted/Jefferson's hybrid), and 2 living Spring Peepers

FOY Bird observations:

  • 2 Wilson's Snipes at the Sanford Lagoons
  • Barred Owl giving single-hoot calls in K'port
  • male American Kestrel (possibly an overwintering bird) on wire along Irving Rd., Arundel
  • 4 Piping Plovers and 1 "Ipswich" Savannah Sparrow at Goose Rocks Beach, K'port on Friday; high count of 5 Piping Plovers on Monday afternoon
  • 15 Brant and 3 Tree Swallows from Vines Landing, Biddeford Pool
  • Red-shouldered Hawk flying over Guinea Rd., K'port
  • continuing overwintering Gray Catbird along Timber Point Trail, Biddeford
  • Pied-billed Grebe on Lily Pond & Mute Swan (rare for Maine) on Lords Pond, both along Fortunes Rocks Rd., Biddeford
  • Eastern Phoebe along Harbor Rd., Wells

Miscellaneous happenings:

  • 215 Purple Sandpipers, 1 Razorbill, and 10 Great Cormorants off Ocean Ave., Biddeford Pool
  • Northern Shrike and drumming Ruffed Grouse at Emmons Preserve, K'port
  • Quaking Poplar flowering
  • 5" of snow on Sunday morning, mostly melted by sundown

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