2013: Naturalist Goals

Photo of Bird on a Branch

As another calendar year comes to a close, I'm ever more certain that my journey of learning my place and meeting my neighbors will never end.  There is no way to predict the precise path ahead, but I've nonetheless brainstormed the following naturalist adventures for the year of 2013.

...Bird my local patches to observe the yearly changes in bird distribution and behavior and get to know the local birds in greater depth.

...Develop my bird finding skills, by seeking out thus-far-elusive species, including American Bittern, Sora, White-eyed Vireo, and Wilson's Warbler.

...Track mammals and birds in the snow, with special attention placed on locating signs of Gray Fox, Ermine, and Ruffed Grouse.

...Learn all of the local Shrubs (or at least all of the common ones).

...Similarly, identify all of the common local Ferns.

...Spend time tracking down unfamiliar (to me) Insects, including showy Butterflies, night-flying Moths, crawling Caterpillars, and buzzing Bugs.

...Gather, process, and eat Acorns (and other wild foods).

...Remain open to whatever lessons life presents me with.

What natural experiences will you seek out in 2013?  Share your thoughts below.

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