2014: Naturalist Goals

Photo of Snail Trail

The forecast for 2014 is calling for lots of coastal exploration.  Now that I'm just a few miles from the ocean, it's time to expand my knowledge of mollusks, seaweeds, shorebirds, and salt-tolerant wildflowers and grasses.  Of course, I'll also spend time away from the immediate coast, exploring wild patches throughout southern Maine.  I plan to...

...bird a few coastal spots with regularity to improve my shorebird identification skills.

...get to know any unfamiliar wildflowers, shrubs, and trees growing near my new home.

...seek out spring and early summer butterflies and expand my general knowledge of insects.

...locate new foraging grounds, add a few new wild foods to my seasonal repertoire, and gather, process, and eat acorns.

...go on my first pelagic outing in search of birds, whales, and more.

...and lastly, remain open to whatever life lessons arrive while continuing to share my journey on this blog.

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