2015: Naturalist Goals

Photo of White-winged Scoter

"I really believe that to stay home, to learn the names of things, to realize who we live among... The notion that we can extend our sense of community, our idea of community, to include all life forms — plants, animals, rocks, rivers and human beings — then I believe a politics of place emerges where we are deeply accountable to our communities, to our neighborhoods, to our home. Otherwise, who is there to chart the changes? If we are not home, if we are not rooted deeply in place, making that commitment to dig in and stay put [...] then I think we are living a life without specificity, and then our lives become abstractions. Then we enter a place of true desolation."

--Terry Tempest Williams, from an interview with Scott London

My central focus for 2015 is to sink my roots deeper into Maine soils. I'll check in with my backyard and nearby patches most days to ground myself and to track the turn of the seasons. I'll visit a handful of York county spots on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to ensure exposure to a variety of habitats. And, I'll venture north at least once to meet some of the creatures who inhabit the boreal forest.

On a moonthly basis, I'll commit to a personal practice or challenge of some kind (see my Moon Challenges page for ideas). How will you stretch yourself in 2015? Do you have any moon challenges planned? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo caption: White-winged Scoter on the Mousam River, Kennebunk, ME.

4 thoughts on “2015: Naturalist Goals”

  1. That’s a great quote from Terry Tempest Williams–thanks for sharing. My plan this year is similar to yours–I want to spend more time birding in the city where I live. I already do a fair amount, but often end up leaving the city in order to experience wilder places. eBird has started an Urban Birding Challenge and there’s been some interest in that on our local birding discussion list. All you have to do is submit your sightings to eBird, which I already do, so it’s a no-brainer. And the fact that others will be participating will provide extra motivation (we’re trying for a friendly rivalry with the birders in our nation’s capital).

    I wish you the best with your naturalist endeavors in 2015. Your blog is always an interesting read.

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