2016: Naturalist Goals

Photo of Sandering and Dunlin
Sanderlings and a Dunlin at Ogunquit Beach, photographed 2 Jan 2016

The month of December has for me become a time of reflection and a time of planning for the year to come. I brainstorm practices and/or goals to enliven my days and enrich my months (or moons). Here's a selection of my nature-based plans for 2016:

Daily (or most days)...

  • Take an early morning walk
  • Eat wild food, with emphasis on non-fruits like leaves, shoots, buds, flowers, and roots
  • Observe birds, plants and mushrooms at local patches


During 2016...

  • Track down a few Life Birds
  • Photograph some of the 17 bird species who I've seen but not yet photographed
  • Complete at least 3 Moon Challenges (themes to be determined)
  • Go camping and visit friends in western and central Maine
  • Hike a mountain in Maine
  • Work with individuals or small groups looking to deepen their awareness of the natural world (see my Custom Workshops page if you're interested)

How about you? Have you committed to a nature practice for 2016? Please share in the comments below.


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