Medicinal Weeds: Gill-over-the-ground

Familiar to many people as a spreading plant of lawns and fields, Glechoma hederacea is another so-called weed worth having a relationship with. Commonly known as Ground-ivy or Gill-over-the-ground, this adaptive perennial has all the features we’ve come to expect from a member of the Mint (Lamiaceae) family: irregular flowers (that are bilaterally symmetrical) opposite, … Continue reading Medicinal Weeds: Gill-over-the-ground

Medicinal Weeds: Rayless Chamomile

Rayless Chamomile (Matricaria discoidea) is a short plant of roadsides, unpaved driveways, and similarly disturbed habitats. The button-like flower heads are comprised of tiny yellow disc flowers, surrounded by the slightest suggestion of white ray flower petals (effectively rayless). In the top photo, notice how hundreds of flowers are open, while others have yet to … Continue reading Medicinal Weeds: Rayless Chamomile