Activity #02: Shrubs

Photo of Activity #2
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Introducing my second free printable nature activity (click on the image above to access it). This matching game will test your knowledge of New England Shrubs. All of the species in this activity have been featured on my blog, so if you get stuck, or want to learn more about a particular shrub, simply type the plant name into the search box in the sidebar. I hope you enjoy the activity – I had fun putting it together!

4 thoughts on “Activity #02: Shrubs”

  1. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about shrubs but I would like to know more.
    Do you point them out on your bird walk?

  2. I’m totally appreciating the effort that you put into making these pdf files. I love them! Thank you so much. What a great way to test myself while learning something new and cementing info in my brain. Big fan.

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