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Tree Swallows Found!

Last Sunday, I attended a South Shore Bird Club outing in Fairhaven, MA led by Jim Sweeney.  Our small group of seven birders visited several coastal locations and observed a variety of species.  Highlights included a Merlin, American Oystercatchers, Black, Common and Least Terns, and a few Saltmarsh Sparrows.

But the most awe-inspiring sight of the morning was the flock of Tree Swallows we observed from West Island Beach.  We estimated roughly 1,000 Tree Swallows! I'd been wondering where the inland Tree Swallows had gone -- it seems at least some of them have flocked up along the south coast of Massachusetts.  The following photos attempt to convey the jaw-dropping density of swallows.

Meet the Maples: Sycamore Maple

Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) is another species of maple commonly found planted in New England towns. A typical leaf of this tree has a dark green upperside, a pale underside revealing prominent veins, five lobes (three large and two small), and a bluntly toothed margin.

Photo of Sycamore Maple leaves

The paired fruit (called samaras), which ripen in late summer, are born in clusters that hang from twigs. The smooth gray bark of young trees becomes scaly and rough textured with age.

Photo of Sycamore Maple bark

Though sometimes growing alongside Norway Maple, the two are fairly easy to tell apart.

Exploring Plainville: Telford Park

Located on South St. (Rt. 1A) directly behind town hall, Clarence Telford Park is a popular spot for outdoor recreation.

A planted garden visible upon arrival (in summer)

Depending on the time of year, children and adults can be found playing soccer, shooting hoops, swimming in the town's pool, and playing in the jungle gym. In addition, the park contains a section of the Ten Mile River, which passes through two small ponds (the larger of which is named Plainville Pond).  These waterways provide ample opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing. Continue reading Exploring Plainville: Telford Park