Bird Sounds: Mid-March

Photo of Killdeer

I recently recorded a sampling of bird sounds on an early morning walk near my home. Take a listen to some of the voices I heard.

As soon as I stepped outside, I heard Killdeer calling kill-deer, kill-deer, kill-deer! from an open field.


Along the field's edge, I heard an American Woodcock repeatedly peenting before bursting into a flight display.


Near a duck filled pond, I listened to early rising Northern Cardinals whistling sweetly, and heard the occasional overlapping song of a White-throated Sparrow.


The outbursts of Wild Turkeys became obvious as I approached a known roost site.


While the sky was brightening, a female Mallard joined in with quack... quack... quack! from the pond, and a Mourning Dove began softly cooing.


Shortly after sunrise, the voices joined to form an avian orchestra. In this final clip, listen for Red-winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, Northern Flicker, Blue Jay, and Canada Goose. Who else do you hear?


I can't recommend highly enough venturing outdoors on a weekend morning to listen to your feathered neighbors. At least where I live, there tends to be much less human generated noise (from cars, trucks, and local industry) on Saturdays and Sundays -- especially prior to sunrise.

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