Bird Tracks: Wild Turkey

Photo of Wild Turkey Track

The most common large bird tracks that I encounter in snow belong to Wild Turkeys. Outside of nesting season, Wild Turkeys flock up in favored areas, so it's typical to either find a large collection of tracks, or none at all. Wild Turkeys can certainly fly (I encourage you to watch a flock fly up to their night roosts in the evening or fly down just before sunrise), but they spend most of their waking hours on the ground. Individual tracks are about 5” long (Great Blue Heron tracks are larger, at around 7-8").

Photo of Wild Turkey Tracks

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  1. I live in Wisconsin in the ‘burbs of Milwaukee. We had a light snowfall last night and when I went out to clear the driveway I saw a straight line of bird tracks. I went on line to determine what bird made them. Thanks to you I was able to i.d. them as turkey tracks. This is the first time I’ve seen turkey tracks in my neighborhood but it has been a very cold, very snowy winter and I suspect that the turkeys are moving into new areas looking for food.

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