Dragonflies: Black-tipped Darner

Photo of Black-tipped Darner

In my experience, Darner dragonflies (in the family Aeshnidae) rarely perch within easy view. (Skimmers, in the family Libellulidae, tend to be much more accommodating.) But for reasons unknown, while I was taking a midday walk last week, this Darner was in the middle of a roadway, struggling to take flight. I quickly  moved the four-winged creature off the road, placing him on a nearby patch of grass, and spent a few moments with him. He appeared to be in shock, but I don't think temperature was the issue, as it was nearly 80° F, so I'm guessing he was injured in some way. Back at home, I was able to identify him as a Black-tipped Darner (Aeshna tuberculifera). (To view the following images in full-size, click here.)

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