Dragonflies: Calico Pennant

Photo of Calico Pennant (immature male)

Calico Pennants (Celithemis elisa) are colorful dragonflies who forage over fields and near wetlands. Often times, they will perch on the tips of grass stalks (or other leafy plants), where they sometimes allow a close approach. Males are red and black; females and immature males are black and yellow.

Before transitioning over to adult coloration, immature males appear similar to females. During transition, males can show a blend of characteristics: orange-red thorax markings and still-yellow wing stigmas (see below). In New England, Calico Pennants fly from May through September.

Photo of Calico Pennant (imm. male)

Note: The immature male in the top photo is the same Calico Pennant featured in Quiz #111: Insect.

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