Edible Farm Weeds: Common Stitchwort

You may recognize Common Stitchwort (Stellaria media) by another of its names: Common Chickweed. When I was just learning about wild edibles many years ago, chickweed was a plant that everyone seemed to rave about.  It took me some time to find my first patch growing wild, and have since had the pleasure of eating this plant many times.

Photo of Common Stitchwort

Most of the patches of Common Stitchwort at the farm I frequent are small, but in the other places I've found it growing in terrific abundance. In the past, I've used it in place of sprouts on sandwiches, but these days I usually incorporate the plant into salads or simply snack on it plain. I gather the growing tips of this plant -- stems, leaves, flowers and all.  I can't pass a patch without enjoying at least a nibble.

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