Edible Mushrooms: Black Trumpet

Photo of Black Trumpet mushrooms

This summer I had the good fortune of gathering Black Trumpets (Craterellus cornucopioides) in the company of several fungi-loving friends. One of my friends, who had been scouting several forested spots for weeks, led our group directly to several lush patches, where we were able to quickly fill our foraging baskets with these fragrant fungi. Black Trumpets are easy to recognize but can be difficult to find as their color often blends well with leaf litter on the forest floor, so hunting with an experienced "Trumpeter" can be very helpful.

Photo of Black Trumpet basket

Instead of gills, these mushrooms have a pore surface that is either smooth or shallowly ridged. While I know of no dangerous look-a-likes to Black Trumpets in New England, I recommend you research the topic for yourself before gathering any of your own. For online sources, I recommend the articles by David Spahr and Michael Kuo.

Photo of Black Trumpets in hand

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