Exploring Plainville: Telford Park

Located on South St. (Rt. 1A) directly behind town hall, Clarence Telford Park is a popular spot for outdoor recreation.

A planted garden visible upon arrival (in summer)

Depending on the time of year, children and adults can be found playing soccer, shooting hoops, swimming in the town's pool, and playing in the jungle gym. In addition, the park contains a section of the Ten Mile River, which passes through two small ponds (the larger of which is named Plainville Pond).  These waterways provide ample opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing.


The playing fields and ponds attract flocks of Canada Geese for much of the year, despite efforts to discourage their presence. Visitors to the park would be wise to watch their step as goose guano often peppers the grass. American Robins also forage in the open fields, at times forming large groups.

During the summer, Eastern Kingbirds are frequently found near the water, alternately hovering to catch insects and perching in trees with commanding views. Belted Kingfishers are possible year-round, if the ponds remain unfrozen. Listen for their rattle-like calls and you may get a glimpse of one diving or flying low over the water.

Other Animals

While a variety of wild mammals undoubtedly utilize Telford Park, domestic dogs are probably the most commonly encountered.

The smaller pond located behind the basketball courts

The ponds contain various warm water fish species, and people can be found fishing shore-side, or occasionally in small boats, trying to hook one. Sometimes Northern Water Snakes can be seen basking inconspicuously along the water's edge.

Trees, Shrubs, and Plants

While the park is dominated by short-cut grass, a variety of plants and trees grow here as well. Upon entering the park, visitors are greeted by several flower gardens and tree plantings, including Plainville's Centennial Tree which was planted in 2005.

Do you recognize this species?

In the center of the park is a tall grove of Red Pine and Norway Spruce, and visible across the back pond is a stand of Eastern White Pine. Red, Sugar, and Norway Maples can be found throughout the park, along with Black Cherry and White Ash trees.

In late summer, look for fruiting Black Elderberry and the distinctive Common Buttonbush growing pond-side. Other plants of note include Red Lobelia (also called Cardinal Flower), Bladder-pod Lobelia, and Swamp Milkweed.

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