Foraging Wild Fruit: Apple

Photo of Red-flesh Apple

If you've ever sampled feral Apples (Malus sp.), you know that their texture and flavor can range from awful to awesome.  Last week, I found a tree with small ripe apples (some sort of Crab Apple, I imagine). One bite revealed the darkest fleshed apple I'd ever seen. The fruit was crisp, juicy, tart, and left my throat with a fizzy-pop sensation – in short, I liked it.

6 thoughts on “Foraging Wild Fruit: Apple”

  1. Wow. We’ve recently moved to an area where there are hundreds of feral apple trees. They’re a neglected treasure! The bears and deer love them.
    I’m looking forward to baking with them. Hope you can develop this red-fleshed apple. It’s a real novelty!

  2. This variety looks remarkable and the flavour (based on your description) would be right up my street (I vastly prefer sharp/sour apples to the sweeter varieties). I suspect that most would use them for cooking or jam though, which I suspect would at least dim that spectacular colour.

  3. Hi Josh, any chance you could cut a few sticks (from this years growth) this winter to share with the North American Fruit Explorers?

      1. If you ever make it back, I’ll add to the begging chorus of collecting scions for NAFEX. It would be lovely to have an open source alternative to the grower/marketer red apple patent project (IFORED) going on right now. I’ve been playing with chance seedlings that show some promise, this apple would be a wonderful one to incorporate. A deep red flesh like this from skin to core is super rare.

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