Foraging Wild Fruit: Black Raspberry

Photo of Black Raspberry

Black Raspberries (Rubus occidentalis) tend to ripen over the course of a few weeks, starting in late June in southern New England or early to mid July in northern New England. Good thing, because if they ripened all at once I'd probably make myself sick. They may be smaller than most cultivated berries, but their flavor is unmatched. (Note: I've previously discussed how to recognize this plant in winter.)

Photo of Black Raspberry handful

3 thoughts on “Foraging Wild Fruit: Black Raspberry”

  1. I live near a park where there are enough of these berries to fill a 5 gallon bucket. They were originally planted by the grounds keeper when there still was one and the berries have since grown all over the park. Thanks to this site I now know the perfect time to start harvesting them!

  2. In my childhood backyard, there were these. I always thought they were blackberries! I am much older and wiser now and know to look everything up before eating. But I used to dine on various things which grew wild in our backyard: rhubarb, clovers, and white pine tree needles. We also had tiger lilies which would come up in year which were yummy.

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