Foraging Wild Fruit: Common Lowbush Blueberry

Photo of Common Lowbush Blueberry

For years I've called all the low blueberry species by the same name: “Tasty”!  I simply didn't bother determining which species I was eating.  But this year I decided to investigate and discovered that only two short species grow in Plainville. The first is Common Lowbush Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium), the only low-growing blueberry found throughout New England. This shrub stands about one foot tall and, at least in my area, has ripe fruit before the other low-growing species, Hillside Blueberry. Like Black Huckleberry, this shrub tends to fruit more when growing in sunny spots, so that's where you ought to look to find some for yourself.

Photo of Common Lowbush Blueberry handful

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  1. A friend just shared the link to your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed your postings that are a nice balance between botany and your personal take on the natural world. Love your enthusiasm.

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