Foraging Wild Fruit: Common Strawberry

Photo of Common Strawberries

The fruits of Common Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) may be small, but for what they lack in size, they more than make up for in flavor. Common Strawberry (also called Wild Strawberry) has seeds in shallow pits on the surface of the fruit and divided leaves consisting of three, toothed leaflets with the terminal tooth of the center leaflet being less than half the width of the adjacent teeth.  Oh, and I should mention, the fruit, when ripe, smells divine, so don't forget to breathe through your nose when you're out in the field.

Photo of Common Strawberry leaf

Woodland Strawberry (F. vesca, not pictured) is a similar species, who also has edible fruit, though I'm told the flavor of F. virginiana is superior. When I encounter a patch of Woodland Strawberry, I'll be sure to report my findings.

Photo of Common Strawberry in my hand

2 thoughts on “Foraging Wild Fruit: Common Strawberry”

  1. Josh, Do these always produce fruit? I have a ton of these around my garden and i have never seen fruit on them…

    1. Good question, Leia. In my experience, fruiting is not a guarantee. Over the years, I’ve found many more patches without fruit than with. As to why, I’m not sure. Did you notice any flowers this spring?

      My other thought is that your plants might not be strawberries. Is each leaf comprised of three, toothed leaflets?

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