Foraging Wild Fruit: Hillside Blueberry

Photo of Hillside Blueberry

The other wild low blueberry species who can be found in my town and in much of New England is Hillside Blueberry (Vaccinium pallidum). The plants I've been picking from average slightly plumper berries than Common Lowbush but are otherwise very similar. When growing side-by-side, Common Lowbush seems happiest at ankle height (1' or less), while Hillside prefers to tickle my knees (2-3'). The leaves of Hillside Blueberry are entire or sparsely toothed and tend to be larger and rounder than the finely toothed, narrow leaves of Common Lowbush. Of course Blueberries are also known to frequently hybridize, so it is not uncommon to find shrubs with a blend of characteristics.

Photo of Hillside Blueberry handful

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