Foraging Wild Fruit: Withe-rod

Photo of Withe-rod fruit

Withe-rod (Viburnum nudum), also known as Wild Raisin, is similar in many respects to Nannyberry (V. lentago), with oppositely arranged leaves and clusters of edible, dark blue/purple fruits which ripen in September. But whereas Nannyberry's leaves are edged with sharp teeth, the leaves of Withe-rod have blunt or wavy teeth, and the flower (and later fruit) clusters of Withe-rod have distinct stalks, which Nannyberry's clusters lack. (This latter feature is useful for telling the two apart during the white season.) And while Withe-rod has smaller fruits, the single seed within each one is soft and chewable, unlike the tougher seed of Nannyberry, which I prefer to spit out.

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