Foraging Wild Greens: Seaside Plantain

Photo of Seaside Plantain (Plantago maritima) leaves

Seaside Plantain (Plantago maritima) might be my favorite ocean-side plant. Whereas the closely related Common (P. major) and English Plantain (P. lanceolata) often grow in the cracks of sidewalks and in other disturbed areas throughout New England, Seaside Plantain is restricted to the coast. I typically find this plant growing in cracks of bedrock with an ocean-side view.

Photo of Seaside Plantain (Plantago maritima) flowering

The crisp, narrow leaves of Seaside Plantain are edible when young. The flavor is similar to that of other Plantains, but with a nutty final note. I prefer the texture of the leaves of this species to that of other Plantago species I've sampled.

Photo of Seaside Plantain (Plantago maritima)

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