In the News

My name has appeared in the Portland Press Herald a few times over the years:

Fleming, Deirdre. "Birdwatchers abuzz at 2 rare sightings in 3 days". April 21, 2017.

Wilson, Herb. "Birding: Some really big years, and a study on bird feeding". January 8, 2017.

Rudalevige, Christine Burns. "Dandelion greens are one man’s weed, another man’s treasure". May 1, 2016.

Wilson, Herb. "Birding: Owling can be a real hoot during courting season in April". April 3, 2016.

Fleming, Deirdre. "In From the Outdoors: Q&A with Josh Fecteau". August 3, 2014.


I've also been mentioned on the American Birding Association Blog:

Swick, Nate. "2017 Big Years: A Roundup". January 31, 2018.