Josh’s Foraging Tip #7

Make It a Habit

A practice I've taken on in 2017 is to focus on one wild edible each week. During the week, I typically consult various written and online resources and visit a local patch that can tolerate (or, better yet, benefit from) light collection. I then properly prepare (if needed) and consume the food at least three times (when possible), and complete my week by writing about my experience in my weekly Nature Notes.

Photo of Collecting Red Maple sap
Red Maple sap collection

If one of your goals is to improve your wild food foraging skill set, consider taking on a similar practice. If you're not 100% confident in your plant identification skills, you may wish to skip the actual sampling for now and simply locate and properly identify one species each week and consult some reliable references, as training for future harvests. If you're ready for sampling, you could commit to adding a wild component to your diet every week, every day, or every meal. (With the green season just around the corner, now is also a great time to plan a Wild Food Moon Challenge.)

By adopting a wild food habit, you can kick-start or reinvigorate your adventures as a modern forager.

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