Life List Bird Game #20

Identify the birds in the following photographs, all of which were taken by me in New England. This gallery of untitled photos is randomly arranged and includes more than one photo of some species. If you get stuck, the 10 possibilities (in my Life List order) are provided below. If you're reading this post via e-mail, visit the blog to view the full-size images.

The Birds of Life List Bird Game #20

191. Virginia Rail
192. Magnolia Warbler
193. Bank Swallow
194. Yellow-throated Vireo
195. Marsh Wren
196. Orchard Oriole
197. Blackpoll Warbler
198. Canada Warbler
199. Yellow-billed Cuckoo
200. Black-bellied Plover

Hint: You can use the photo filename to check your guesses. For example: 008grca.jpg corresponds with my 8th Life Bird: Gray Catbird.

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