Low Tide Life: Common Periwinkle

Photo of Common Periwinkle

One of my personal goals for 2016 is to eat more shellfish. So far, in addition to dining on store-bought mussels and oysters, I've hand-harvested and eaten a couple dozen salt-water snails called Common Periwinkles (Littorina littorea). I'd long known these abundant gastropods were edible, but it was reading Hazel Stark's periwinkle post (on her Partridge, Pine, and Peavey blog) that finally got me to try them. Thanks for the nudge, Hazel -- they're tasty!

Photo of Common Periwinkle

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  1. Loved the article on the Periwinkle. It brought back many childhood memories of gathering them and feasting on them. They are one tasty treat. Great job and very interesting!

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