Mushrooms: Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom

Photo of Sparassis spathulata (Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom)

Last moon, while scouting for mushrooms, I walked right past this sizable, fleshy fruiting body growing at the base of a large Oak (Quercus sp.). Luckily, Jenny was with me, and she didn't miss it.

"Whoa! Josh, check that out," she exclaimed.

"Now that's a mushroom," I replied as I doubled back along the trail.

Minutes later, we shared our find with a mother and daughter (and their friendly canine companion) who were out for an afternoon ramble.

Photo of Sparassis spathulata (Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom)

Back at home, I consulted my nature library and some online resources and found a name for this brain-like mass: Sparassis spathulata (syn. S. herbstii and S. caroliniense) or commonly the Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom. Have you ever bumped into one of these?

Photo of Sparassis spathulata (Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom)

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  1. Cauliflower mushrooms, I have one old fallen oak that produces yearly, this year even with the sever drought I harvested two wonderful specimens for the table. Difficult to clean as they entrain every manner of detritus as they grow, but worth the effort. I’ve been mushroom foraging for 4+ years now and this is the only tree I have found that produces this particular mushroom, which leads me to believe they are fairly scarce in our area.

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