Natural Mystery: Lemon Slices

Photo of Lemon Slices

I was going use the above photo for one of my nature quizzes, but I decided it was just too tricky! In early February, I found these mini dehydrated lemon slices, as I've taken to calling them, inside the stem of a wild plant. Can you guess which plant?

Need a hint? Next is a photo of a dried, formerly fruit-bearing stem of the same plant.  Picture it covered with dark purple fruit.

Photo of Fruit Stem

Give up?  These slices were inside the stem of American Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana). This plant features a chambered pith that apparently dries into hundreds of individual dehydrated lemon slice look-a-likes.

Photo of American Pokeweed Pith

How cool is that?

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    1. Hm… I’m not sure about the cheesecloth idea. I don’t think they were very porous. But I’m sure they could be made into fine jewelry by crafty children.

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