New England Owls: Barred Owl

Photo of Barred Owl

Most birders will agree that any day they see an owl is a good day. Last week, I had two such "good days" when I saw one Barred Owl under cover of darkness and another after sunrise just four days later. I've observed a number of Barred Owls over the past decade, from a moonlit adult investigating my odd hooting attempts to a fluffy juvenile begging in late spring to an adult eating an Eastern Chipmunk in mid-summer to a handful of individuals hunting from roadside* perches during the white season. And, of course, I've enjoyed a number of "heard only" adults hooting alone or dueting at various times of year.

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*No doubt a risky place to be. Two October's ago, I found a deceased Barred Owl at the edge of a road. Not exactly a "good day".

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