New Moon Challenge: Sit Spot

My next New Moon challenge – in contrast to the 5-mile loop of my last – will involve anchoring myself in one place. For at least 15 of the next 30 days, I'll sit for a minimum of an hour in the same spot. The spot I've chosen is close enough for me to walk or bike to, and from that single spot I will observe the cycles of life. If you are familiar with the Kamana program, this practice should sound familiar.

Photo of Pond-side Scene

Throughout the Moon cycle, I'll observe spring bird behavior including courtship, nest-building, territorial defense, singing and feeding. From my perch, I'll also track the greening and flowering of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants, and note the movements of reptiles, amphibians, insects, and mammals.

If you haven't committed yourself to another project for this Moon, consider joining me on this challenge to get to know one place deeply. Perhaps you have a special spot in your back yard, or are within a short walk of a park, small pond, or stream. If an hour is too long, consider just 30 minutes after lunch, or a brief early morning or evening visit most days. When you arrive at your sit spot, the directions are simple: relax, follow your senses, and, back at home, journal your experiences.

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