New Moon Challenge: Wetland Loop

Inspired by Matt Cutt's 2011 TED talk (below) about doing 30-day personal challenges, I've begun a project to coincide with the lunar cycle. I kicked it off yesterday with the new moon and aim to go right through to the next one (a period of 30.5 days).

My plan is to walk/bike a 5-mile loop around town at least 15 times in order to track the changing spring conditions. I'll be keying in on the awakening of reptiles and amphibians, so I've chosen a route that will take me close to several vernal pools (and potential vernal pools), a few small streams, and the Ten Mile River. I'll be listening for frog calls (and birds, of course), looking for any creatures crossing roads, and recording any roadkill I notice. I'll also explore some of the wetland sites up-close in an effort to find some salamanders – a type of creature with whom I've not spent much time.

Photo of Roadside Wetland

That's my 30-day intensive. How about you? Your project can be a simple change or a sizable commitment -- it's completely up to you.  If you'd like some skill-based challenge ideas, the 13 Skills in 2013 Challenge website has a ton to choose from.

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