New Moon Challenge: Wild Berry Butterfly Recap

Photo of "blue" Black Huckleberry

From one New Moon to the next (July 8th to August 6th), I was able to locate 41 species of butterflies. During that same period, I gathered more than 41 pounds of wild fruit, including various cherries, blackberries, chokeberries, blueberries, and huckleberries*.  Visit my New England Wild Edible Monthly Guide for links to many of the fruits I foraged, and enjoy the following slide show, which samples more than two dozen species of butterflies who I found flying in mid-summer. (Click any image for the full screen viewer.)

*Note: Black Huckleberries are typically black and shiny, but as the top photo shows, sometimes the fruit are dark blue and covered with a bloom.  Blue Huckleberry is another species altogether, with light blue fruit borne on longer stalks in spaced out clusters.  (The photo below shows a comparison of the two).  Both species, regardless of color, are tasty when ripe!

Photo of Black and Blue Huckleberry Comparison

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  1. Superb work all around!! This blog just keeps getting better and better and is an outstanding reference for naturalists of all ages…. Thanks for putting in the effort to present your work in the field.

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