New Year New Moon Recap

Photo of Northern Shrike

I'm baaaack. Did you miss me?  Taking a break from blogging gave me just the shake-up I needed to usher in the new year. A few turns of the sun (i.e., days) into the challenge, I began sitting in my backyard early each morning.  Often heading outside before sun-up, I'd sit still and take in the sounds of the birds as they became active -- a Chick-a-dee-dee-dee here, a Cheer-Cheer-Cheer there. On several mornings, a Common Raven called (once flying directly over my home), and other mornings I saw flocks of American Goldfinches, Am. Robins, Am. Crows, and Eastern Bluebirds moving overhead, though on any given day, more than a dozen species typically made a vocal, if not visual, appearance. On just one morning, a Northern Shrike (pictured above) caught me by surprise, briefly singing from a high perch before vanishing from view.

In the depths of winter, with frigid temperatures for much of the moon, various birds managed to lure me out of my brick cave, if only for short stretches at a time. How did you spend your New Year New Moon?

4 thoughts on “New Year New Moon Recap”

  1. I spent January getting acquainted with the night sky. It sure helps when there is so much night in the winter. Nice shrike by the way, I’ve not had any luck with them so far.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Matt. Recently, my sky-viewing has been brief, but I have noticed Venus in the southeast before sunrise and Jupiter east of Orion in the evening.

      The shrike was only the second I’ve ever seen and first I’ve ever heard. I hope you get a chance to witness one.

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