Not Just Any Goose: Greater White-fronted Goose (2)

Photo of Greater White-fronted and Canada Goose

[This continues the goose trip story I started in Monday's Barnacle Goose post.] The influx of geese from surrounding fields continued for much of the next hour. At 12:20pm, I scanned the floating flock and noticed another goose who was not like the others. The bird was an adult Greater White-fronted Goose. (I wrote about a juvenile bird I saw in Berwick, ME back in 2013.)

Photo of Greater White-fronted and Canada Geese

Though Greater White-fronted Geese are common in some spots west of the Mississippi River, they're generally rare in New England, with maybe a dozen individuals seen in any given year. The bird I found was likely a member of the subspecies (flavirostris) that breeds in Greenland and winters for the most part in Europe. [Click here for the final part of this goose tale.]

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Photo of Greater White-fronted Goose

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