Not Just Any Goose: Snow Goose

Photo of Snow Goose

In coastal New England, the word "goose" is synonymous with the Canada Goose. Domestic "barn-yard" breeds aside, Canada Geese are by far the most common geese around, but occasionally another type makes an appearance. In late September, I noticed this Snow Goose with a flock of Canada Geese near the eastern end of West Street in Biddeford, Maine. The bird kept close to the road for much of the week, before seemingly leaving town. But on Saturday, another birder noticed this white one just two miles north, on the University of New England campus. I'm curious when (or if) this bird will skip town for good. Given the relative rarity of Snow Geese in southern Maine, I assume all of the recent Biddeford sightings are of the same bird. Scan flocks near you, and you may find your own oddity.


Are Snow Geese being reported near you? Zoom this eBird sightings map to your location and find out.

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