Butterflies: American Copper and Pearl Crescent

Photo of Pearl Crescent and American Copper

Last week, I found these butterflies (American Copper, above, and Pearl Crescent*, below) nectaring on Lance-leaved American-aster (Symphyotrichum lanceolatum).  As the white season approaches, fewer species of butterflies remain active, but some are still around for the observant naturalist to notice.

*I've since learned that it is quite difficult to tell Pearl Crescents and Northern Crescents apart. So, it is possible that my identification is incorrect. If I'd taken this photo in Massachusetts, where only Pearls are present, I'd feel more confident about my ID, but here in Maine, both species are possible.

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  1. A very nice combo photo! Butterflies are indeed scarce right now down here in Norfolk county, MA(!), but I did have a nice American Painted Lady on my local trail a couple of days ago.

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