Owl Sounds: Barred Owl

I encountered a Barred Owl for the first time many years ago, while staying at a campground on Long Lake in Bridgton, Maine. It was the middle of the week and early in the camping season, so I was one of few humans around. Along a dirt trail to the beach, something made me pause and look up.  I couldn't believe my eyes: on a tree branch just a few feet above the trail, was a large owl.

I don't recall now if I even knew what kind of owl it was at first.  What I did know is that this would prove to be a memorable camping trip. During the rest of my stay, I heard loud hooting (mostly at night, but a few times during the day) and saw the owl a couple more times, once as he/she consumed a meal of fresh chipmunk.

Hearing Barred Owls always brings me back to that camp, on the shores of that lake. Here are two audio clips that I recorded last December of Barred Owls here in Plainville. Have you ever heard these hooting calls?

Spectrogram of Barred Owl


Spectrogram of Barred Owls

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