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I'm pleased to announce a new way that you can support my work. I now have an account on Patreon which is a crowdfunding platform that connects creators (of art, music, videos, etc., and in my case writings and workshops) with people who would like to support them financially. Patrons who pledge $3 or more each month will receive personalized rewards, but even pledging $1 or $2 let's me know that you appreciate the work I do and want me to keep at it. To learn more, visit Patreon.

I completely understand if you can't afford to make a pledge. No worries! My blog will continue to be free -- I only ask that you share this post, or any that move you, with friends and fellow nature lovers.

I asked Jenny to contribute to my Patreon launch message. Here's an excerpt of what she crafted:

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Josh Fecteau, a naturalist, mad-crazy birder, forager, plant nerd, nature guide, and lover of all wild places and beings. Josh's passionate work is to inspire people across New England to get outside and connect with nature. His offerings include directly connecting people with the blessings of the natural world through his walks and workshops, and he also encourages others in countless, subtle ways to engage with wildness, both in their outer landscapes and in the mountains, valleys and rivers of their hearts...

Read the rest of Jenny's note on my Patreon page.

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