Patreon Update #3

Photo of Chicory

Dear Readers,

I'm honored that you make space in your day to read my blog. I'm also grateful to everyone who has supported me by responding to my writings with friendly comments, personal stories, quiz guesses, nature questions, and mystery photos -- keep them coming! My hope is that in paying attention to my work, you'll be inspired to get outside and discover the mysteries right outside your door.

If you've benefited from my sharing my words and photographs, or if you've enjoyed attending my walks and workshops, you might like to know that there is another way to offer your support. By contributing $1 or more per month on Patreon, you can help to ensure that I can continue to do my work of connecting people with the natural world. Sixteen awesome people have stepped up to become patrons so far, and today I ask:

Would you kindly consider joining my community of supporters by becoming a patron?

In addition to exclusive access to 15 (and counting) bonus nature quizzes, patrons are also eligible to receive handmade photo cards as a thank you. You can learn more about Patreon and see all of the available rewards by visiting my Patreon page.


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