10 thoughts on “Quiz #23: Plant”

  1. There are some of these in our yard. The birds were going wild for them this morning! And now I know what they are and that I can’t eat them!

  2. First time in my life that I have seen one of these and it just grew alongside the tomato plants in our garden in south-west france must have been in the bags of compost I added when planting out!

    1. A weed is simply a plant growing in a place where you’d prefer a different (often cultivated) plant to be growing. This plant favors disturbed soil and can spread quickly with the assistance of birds, and is therefore considered a weed by many people.

  3. When I was a pup in oklahoma in the 40′ s. My grand parents ate the leaves….they were called poke greens and were cooked like spinach

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