5 thoughts on “Quiz #31: Bird/Plant”

  1. I finally have the time to comment. Arrived in Prince Edward Island on Thursday. Took a brisk walk this afternoon and observed 20 + Northern pintails along with Mallards and American Black ducks. ALso have a flock of 50+ American WIDgeon down in our Creek.
    The bird is a Cedar Waxwing juvenile. The brown speckled coloring really threw me off till I took your hint to observe the difference from adult birds. I am somewhat lacking in my botany ID, but looking to improve. I didn’t know that was multiflora rose berries.
    Have a good day!

    1. Jon, Thanks for sharing. 20+ Pintails — neat! They usually appear in Plainville one at a time. One male has been at the cemetery pond for a couple weeks now.

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