Quiz #4: Bird

Who is the feathered fellow in this fuzzy photo? (Photo taken 4/26/12 in Plainville, MA)

Mystery bird -- photo taken 4/26/12 in Plainville, MA

A. Yellow Warbler

B. Yellow-rumped Warbler

C. Common Yellowthroat

D. Wilson's Warbler

When you are ready, scroll down for the answer…

D, C, and B are… incorrect.  None of these birds have red streaks on their chests.

A is… CORRECT!  The bird is a Yellow Warbler. The chest streaks indicate that this is a male. I located him singing loudly near the brushy edge of a pond. To my ear, his song sounds like "Sweet, sweet, sweet, I’m so sweet". As a commenter noted, Yellow Warblers are fairly common near water from May through August (or later).

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  1. Yellow Warbler. Visit any wet area from May through August that is not a swamp, and you are likely to find this bright bird!

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