Quiz #79: Bird

What kind of bird claimed this handicapped parking spot? (Photo taken 11/8/13 in York, ME.)

Photo of Quiz #79: Bird

A. Herring Gull

B. Ring-billed Gull

C. Lesser Black-backed Gull

D. Great Black-backed Gull

E. Iceland Gull

When you are ready, scroll down for the answer…

A is... Correct! This is an adult Herring Gull who, ironically (and unfortunately), had an injured left leg and walked with an obvious limp.

B is... incorrect. Adult Ring-billed Gulls have yellow legs.

C is... incorrect. Adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls have yellow, not pink, legs and darker backs.

D is... incorrect. Great Black-backed Gulls have pink legs, but darker backs and cleaner-looking faces.

E is... incorrect. Iceland Gulls typically have white wings.

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